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Look to the past, step to the future.

Alex and son, Huston Julian

The Alexander Julian relaunch collection nods to history but moves forward. Co-designed by Alex and his son, Huston, the selection is a highly-curated cut of the most exciting designs from the 40 year history of the brand—translated into modern silhouettes with a twist of digital innovation. The editorials in Garden & Gun (July '16) and The Charlotte Observer (June '16) nicely capture the essence of our relaunch and some of our unique designs.

The classic silhouettes, opulent fabrics, and rich palette relive the winsome spirit of Alex's early ascent through the "decadent decade"; the Relaunch Collection updates the look with a broader range of function and versatility. A classic revival at its very best, Alexander Julian succeeds because it makes a style statement the modern everyman can relate to - from fans who "remember", to a whole new generation of American gentlemen.

The majority of our products begin with original fabric design. Alex hand draws concepts on graph paper which are then turned into computer aided designs, or CADs, before ultimately being woven or knit.

As one of the first fashion designers to begin experimenting with digital printing, Alexander Julian has perfected the art of "trompe l'oeil", developing lightweight cotton and linen prints that appear to be heavy wool or depict incredible wildlife, real Scottish tartans, and everything imaginable.  Alex often jokes that his digital prints are so realistic that they could fool a moth!

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